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    What is this website for? You can use this website to balance team games based on Voobly ratings.
    What is the workflow? Click on New Game and select the ladder the game is played on.
    Then add the players which will play in the game, and click on the Go-Button.
    If desired, manually adjust the teams. Then share the link to the balanced game with the other players.
    How do I add a player to the game? Enter the full name of the player (clan tag not needed) into the text field, and hit enter or click on the Add-button next to the text field. If the player is known to the site, you can select him in the appearing dropdown menu using your mouse or arrow keys.
    How do I remove a player from the game? Click on the small x button next to the player name.
    How do I manually adjust the teams? You can drag & drop a player to exchange him with another player in the other team.
    How do I share a game? Copy the url from your browser window and paste it to the other players.
    Can they modify my game? Only you are able to modify games which you have created.
    How do I change the name of the game? Click on the title of the game (Random Map Game by default), and enter the new name.
    What is the ARD number? The Average Rating Difference (ARD) is the difference between the rating sums divided by the number of players in the game. The smaller this number, the better is the team balance.
    For how long are games stored? Games are automatically removed if they have not been viewed by anyone for more than a week.
    What do I need to use this website? This website requires Javascript and Cookies. If you allow permanent cookies, the website can remember you and provide additional functionaulty.
    Who made this tool? Yllovanea developed and maintains this web page.
    The AoC Balance Initiative strives to improve AoE II Balance for everyone.
    We hope the Team Balancer is useful to you!

    We are currently working on more cool balance projects. If you'd like to support them, a donation is very welcome. We will use 100% of the donations for AoC to host AoC conent and to sponsor tournaments.

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